DISCLAIMER: this project is not trying to make fun of anyone who eats animals, wears animals or purchases from brands that test on animals. It is just a way to spread awareness and knowledge.


Chickens are born by the thousands due to mass selective breeding. They spend the first day of their short lives in baskets with their siblings. There are usually 100+ chicks in these baskets. Cramped. No space to run. No space to live a life.

The cries of chickens will never be heard at all, as a worker will grab the baskets containing the innocent chicks and toss them onto conveyor belts along with the shells they were hatched out of. As this conveyor belt rotates, workers then separate the chicks from their shells, checking to see if they meet certain standards and to determine their gender.

If they meet the standards, they are sent on to be raised and eventually end up at the slaughterhouse. This is 100% of the male chicks, as they cannot lay eggs.

If they do not meet the standards, the worker will manually tear the chick up, cracking its spine and then discarding it. If the number of chicks is too large, they will be thrown into garbage bags where they are left to suffocate. If the workers end up getting too lazy or busy, the chicks are thrown into a huge crate along with their empty shells and are crushed to death.

The remaining chicks who met the standards are vaccinated, and then thrown into loaded crates, which are then transported to farms where the chicks can be raised.

If a human baby grew at the same rate as chicks from the chicken industry, the baby would weigh 600 pounds in just two months.

After being at the farm for 40 days, the hens are sent to slaughter. If they are female, some of the chicks will be sent to another limited space facility to lay their eggs. As for the remaining chicks, they are prepared for slaughter. Workers hang them by their feet, leaving them to dangle on a conveyor belt. They then get loaded into machines where they are debeaked, defeathered and then chopped into various parts that then get sold to companies and eventually end up on our plates. This is 100% of the male chicks, as they are considered unwanted by the egg industry.

In nature, chicks spend the first day of their lives with their mothers.

Salmonella is an "infection usually occuring when a person eats food contaminated with the feces of animal carrying the bacteria". It is commonly associated with eggs, meat and poultry and cross contamination can affect other foods. 

All animal products can produce food borne illness. Undercooked meat, undercooked eggs, raw chicken...etc.

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