DISCLAIMER: this project is not trying to make fun of anyone who eats animals, wears animals or purchases from brands that test on animals. It is just a way to spread awareness and knowledge.

This is from the HK centre for food safety (website HERE) and it is just for research and knowledge purposes

HK's meat production comes from three slaughterhouses in Sheung Shui, Tsuen Wan and Cheung Chau. 

The three slaughterhouses combined slaughter approximately 4,270 pigs, 48 cattle and 9 goats


this is from the HK website, but the process is similar worldwide.

1. the pigs are inspected to see if they meet certain standards. Pigs with disease, health-issues or injury are sent to be slaughtered in isolation

2. The pigs are stunned electrically to be put unconscious

3. The pig is killed by a process that targets the veins and arteries in the neck

4. The animal body is rinsed in a shower like conveyor belt 

5. The pigs are then hung on another conveyor belt and put into a scalding chamber at about 58 degrees celcius 

6. The pig is dehaired with a mechnical machine

7. The organs are then sorted out, the workers discard anything that can't be sold 

8. The parts are then inspected, chopped into the desired parts and packaged