Goal: To explore the benefits of the veganism diet and apply it to my own baking, as well as making my project accessible to others.

I have been baking since I was three years old and have always loved helping my mom out in the kitchen. However, it wasn’t until around a year ago that I became interested in the vegan diet. The new trend of healthy foods advertised on the media lead me to becoming interested in this topic. I have always loved animals since young, but didn’t realize how big of a role it played in my day to day life. As an avid baker, I wasn’t aware that so much of my baking involved animal products, and as an animal lover, I felt guilty using these products in my baking. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of this project to learn how to incorporate plant-based products into my baking and to learn more about the vegan diet.

My website consists of all the recipes I’ve tried so far. I hope you enjoy my website!